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As we work to remain operational during this evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, here are some key strategies, tools and employee benefits to help you make the shift to working remotely.

We must be nimble, flexible and think in innovative ways to meet the needs of everyone in our campus community. To continue the education, research, health and service missions of this indispensable institution, we will use technology, teamwork and self-care strategies.

Visit the FAQ Page for more information from the University.

Collaborate and continue to work together

Office 365

Outlook email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a sharable format where you can edit simultaneously. 


Cloud-based storage tool to upload, save and share documents with your team.


Use the University's virtual private network (VPN) when working with potentially sensitive data.

Take care of yourself during challenging times

Work+Life Connections Telehealth

Five free therapy sessions per year for you and your family.

LiveHealth Online

Online medical appointments with $0 co-pays starting April 1.

UK HealthCare Telecare

Online visits with your regular co-pay for acute-onset symptoms.

Home delivery for prescriptions

UK Retail Pharmacies and Express Scripts offer home delivery.

Guide to financial health

Tips and advice for staying financially well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're here for you

We’re UK’s in-house team of dietitians, exercise specialists, health coaches, mental health clinicians, social workers and financial planners.

Tell us how you're doing

It's important to listen to you during this time of rapid change.

We'd like to know how we can best support you in our ongoing communications and collective effort to put your health and wellbeing first. It only takes a few minutes.

Share your feedback